Sunday, November 9, 2008

Having the Blues

No, don't worry this is not another "downer" post. I am actually really excited that I had some time to grab a few pics of one one my favorite little parts of our home. I have been given and I guess you could say collecting various pieces of blue glass. I just love them all. When we moved in I placed them in our front window and they seem to really sparkle there. I am just glad that I had pretty good light today and was able to grab my camera for a little photo shoot. "Work it, work it" blue glass. Oh yeah, and congratulations to our new President Elect Barack Obama. This blue's for you! Blue is such a fabulous and functional color don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Great colours! And anyway, everyone's entitled to downer posts now and then. What's a blog for, if not for venting? But it's better to be happy about the blues, it's true.

Jessica Levitt said...

I love cobalt glass! I want to collect cobalt blue suncatchers...but I've yet to buy a single one. I'm keeping my eye out though, they'd be perfect in my mudroom. Very pretty!