Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Getting Chilly Out.

Last week after work when I went to go pick my son Grant up from daycare I noticed that all of the kids were outside on the playground enjoy themselves. It was quite chilly out and I could see that most of the kids including Grant had pink noses and cheeks from the brisk air. That is when I decided to knit him a cap for school. Something colorful and warm but not heavy. Something that could get tucked into his classroom cubby and pulled out on a cold fall day.
Can you believe I found this yarn at "Wal-you know what"? It is totally un-natural acrylic but it will wash well and is easy to knit with. I have been looking for a good knit/craft/creative shop around Piscataway, NJ where I work. It would be fun to do a little shopping during lunch but I have not seen or heard of anything so... off to "Wal-what don't they sell". It's not much to blog about and there's not much to knitting in the round but it should come in handy for a cold head on the playground.

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Carrie G said...

That is pretty nice looking yarn! I must admit, the yarn infront of me right now is also from "Wally World"!